In ASW French as a Foreign Language starts in PK-K and may continue until IB in Grade 12. In Elementary School. we offer the opportunity to join our program in each grade. During our classes we focus on oral skills (listening and speaking) and progressively develop writing and reading. According to the PYP philosophy we make meaningful connections with grade level Units of Inquiry, we develop trans-disciplinary skills and we never forget about French culture.

French Curriculum in grade EC-2 is based on: authentic resources: songs, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, French readers, games, French textbooks Tatou le Matou 1 & 2, authentic resources: dialogues, documentaries, weather forecast, recipes, maps and plans and real life situations.

French Curriculum in grade 3-5 is based on: levelled readers and magazines, technology projects, games created by students, French textbooks: Loustics, Tip Top and Adosphere

Home learning is optional and choice-based. You are welcome to use our site to find the materials we prepare in order to support our students' home learning.

In 5th grade, students may take an external French exam - DELF PRIM A1.1 It is an official diploma delivered by the French Ministry of Education and recognized worldwide.