Here is our first song about greetings "Bonjour".

We also learned how to count from 1 to 10.

...and the names of 12 months:

Here is our favourite song "Léon le caméleon" about colours.

If you want you can practice colours with this video:

Here are our main characters from the book "Tatou le Matou": le chat, le hérisson, le hibou et le loup. We learned a song about all these animals.

TATOU .mov

Our next song: "Dans mon sac", was about things that we can touch : spiky ("ça pique") or soft ("c'est doux"). Students made a hedgehog out of plasticine and toothpicks.

We also learned about food: le poisson, le lait, le poulet, les fraises, la galette, la salade des fruits, les haricots verts, le chocolat, la glace, la confiture.

What about singing at home the song about fruits?

After Christmas we read the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood. We watched the French version of this story.

And we prepared to play the story with our own puppets.

We also talked about Carnival and disguises.

We learned a song about days of the week in French. You can sing it with your parents.

We also learned how to talk about the weather and we know a song about the weather.

In May and June we talked about four elements: water, wind, fire and air. Here is our song about water and a boat.