Polish Foreign Language

This year we are starting our new Polish program for young children. They have a chance to be exposed to Polish two times a week for 30 minutes. Our program is built on age appropriate songs, books, games and nursery rhymes.

Dzień dobry! Jestem Kasia, jestem Ania.

We are your Polish teachers.

Let's have fun in Polish together!

Here is our first song to start the lesson.

This is a song about counting in Polish from 1 to 10.

And here is our song about the sleeping bear "Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi"

You can practice some fruits and veggies with your parents.

Here is our book about animals. You can listen to it with your parents.

You can practice all wild animals with your parents!

You can guess animals while watching this funny video.

In January we learned a new song about the crocodile - "To jest krokodyla znak".

We also played a Polish game "Chodzi lisek koło drogi" ( The fox is walking on the road).

In February, we made Valentine cards for parents and learned a Valentine song.

We also learned what each animal is doing: skaczę jak tygrys ( I jump like a tiger), chodzę jak słoń (I walk like an elephant), biegam jak pies ( I run like a dog), latam jak ptak ( I fly like a bird) pływam jak ryba ( I swim like a fish), śpię jak kotek ( I sleep like a cat).

You can watch this video about a small fish and sing it together with your parents.